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This agreement authorizes Advantage Energy, LLC to change your electric supplier in the territories of Connecticut Light & Power or United Illuminating (CL&PŁ or UIŁ).

Agreement: Customer agrees to receive its electricity requirements for the listed account(s) in accordance with this Enrollment Form (AgreementŁ). 

Price:  Customer will receive electricity at a floating generation rate. Customers agree and understand that any potential savings will fluctuate with month-to-month market conditions. For our current monthly rate go to:  www.AdvantageEnergy.net  Monthly generation rate includes all additional fees except all utility transmission, distribution and other charges.

Term of Service:  Customers may cancel at any time for any reason without penalty. Electric service will begin on the date that the utility successfully switches the Account(s) to which may take up to (90) days and will end when the utility successfully switches Customers Account(s) to another competitive electricity supplier or to the utility. Advantage Energy reserves the right to modify, reassign or withdraw this agreement at any time.

Termination: Customer shall be obligated to pay for the electricity and related services provided to Customer pursuant to this Agreement prior to the date that such termination becomes effective, including applicable late fees.

Rescission:  If you are switching your electric service from another supplier you have the right to rescind your acceptance of this Agreement, without fees or penalties of any kind, within three (3) federal business days (includes Saturdays) after receiving this Agreement. You may rescind either by calling 1-(860) 4-ENERGY (436-3749) or e-mailing Info@AdvantageEnergy.net. Please provide your name, address, phone number, account number, and a statement that you are rescinding your Agreement under the three-day right of rescission.

Billing and Payment:  Customer will receive one consolidated bill each month from the utility for all charges.   Customer shall pay its bill in accordance with applicable utility tariffs.

Emergency:  In the event of an emergency such as a power failure or a downed power line, Customer should call the local distribution company, CL&P at 800-286-2000 or UI at 800.722.5584. Advantage Energy Customer Service can be reached at 1-(860) 4-ENERGY (436-3749)

Authorization and Acknowledgement:  Customer hereby authorizes Advantage Energy, for the duration of this Agreement, to act as its limited agent to perform the necessary tasks to establish electricity service with a competitive supplier.  By signing this Agreement (facsimile signature accepted as if it were an original), Customer hereby agrees that Customer has read the Agreement and agrees to the terms and conditions set forth herein.  The signer warrants and represents that he/she is legally authorized to enter into this Agreement on behalf of Customer.

Assignment:  Advantage Energy reserves the right to assign the electric service and this agreement at the company's sole discretion and without notice.

By signing below, I am authorizing Advantage Energy to become my exclusive retail electric provider and transfer my service from my current supplier. By signing this form, I hereby indicate that I have read and unconditionally accept the Terms and Conditions that accompany this Enrollment Form.


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